Safety at High Angle

Here at HighAngle Contracting, Safety is paramount and we do everything we can to exceed National and Provincial safety standards. All of our employees are certified OFA Level 1 First Aid Attendants with two OFA level 3 Attendants on staff as well. We also have our own certified Construction Safety Officer (CSO) on the team. All of our employees receive Health Canada's Safety Code 6 (Radio Frequency Energy "RF") safety training as well as Fall Protection, Arial Lift, and many other site specific safety courses and orientations.

We also have a team of highly trained Rope Access Technicians. Every employee on the rope access team receives training and certification with the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). This highly trained and highly skilled team always has safety foremost in their minds. Working at great heights and depending on the work you and your team do to keep you alive puts safety in the priority in which it belongs... The first one!